Business Plan: Jules “A” Side Pictures

Business Name:

“A” Side Pictures


To take photos at affordable and competitive prices to help promote musicians, venues, and other related events within the local area.

Contact Details:


A Side Pictures

45 Denver Drive



Bh23 5FG



Phone: 0800 567 456

Mission Statement:

“A picture says a thousand words, Like lyrics to music”

Team Profile:

Initial Profile:

Myself:  current roles include Photographer, Booking agent, Advertisement, Recruitment and Accounting (possibly an outside source to begin with.)

Job Roles and Future Prospects:

Additional Photographers:

Under the command of a head photographer,  since it would be their responsibility for purchasing new equipment to better benefit the company, and taking the photos which would be the service the company is selling.

Booking Agent:

tasked with getting work for the photographer(s), using distance, availability to help justify a cost with the clients for the work required.


Crucial in any line of work it’s their job is to promote the companies name and services into the world to get businesses to approach us. It could involve placing ads in newspapers, magazines, radio, social networks, websites, flyers etc.


Job roles  would involve tracking the companies incomings and outgoings. They would also set a minimum figure of which services could be charged at due to expenditure of the business, as well as sorting out wages and the keeping of records.


Lastly if the business does take off and more staff are needed, it would be up to Recruitment to hire new people if it was financially viable.

Market Research:

Example 1:

Love Through The Lens:

£15 per hour,  Can hire out their studio for £20ph, £50 half day or £75 for whole day.

Operates within: Beaulieu, Ferndown, Poole, Verwood, Ashurst, Brockenhurst, Lyndhurst, Lymington, New Milton, Barton-on Sea, Salisbury, Weymouth, Christchurch, Sandbanks, Blandford.

Counties: Devon, Cornwall , Dorset, Hampshire, Somerset, Wiltshire.

Contact Info:


Phone: 07590 200204


Example 2:

Studio Shotz:

Band Photography:

From £95, though can be negotiated.

Can do on location, or work in their studio based in Southbourne.


Phone: 01202 432234


Unique Selling Point(s):

Both businesses listed above have travel option’s with Studioshotz, also having an studio onsite which they can work from and they’re services cover a lot of ground, ranging from weddings to other large events. They don’t specialise in any particular type of photography, where my unique selling point would be that I do one specialised service.

The benefits of this include because I am specialised it makes my target market a lot more easier to identify, targeting a specific demographic, while from an outside point of view, it also means I will get more work because they won’t have to look as far to find what they are looking for.

I have the ability to offer a more competitive price, while still retaining the ability to travel to further locations with my work, with surplus staff adding to the amount of work my business can take on at any one time.

Because I am a specialist in this field, I’m more likely to acquire repeat business, and use these contacts to get recommendations and future contracts.

Cash Flow Forecast:

Attached Spreadsheet

On my attached spreadsheet, I have predicted my cash flow for the year, Starting with an investment of £500 from my savings, and what a £500 investment would do. Roughly each job on average including VAT I would charge a cost of £179.99, with me needing to do a minimum of 3 jobs per month in order to make a profit.

You could have any capital expenditures being paid monthly to save on costs, which would make your monthly outgoings more, but it would leave you with more money in your closing balance, giving you operating costs in months where work isn’t as common, or in case something stops you from doing your work.

However, Paying off your capital expenditures at once means that you would be making more profit each month since you will only be charged your monthly expenditure, but your business would take longer to make a profit, and as a result stay in debt longer.

This then comes with the problem off going into your overdraft which may charge you interest each month your balance isn’t positive. Due to the nature of my business, I have chosen the first option, since I might get more work in some months than others, resulting in me needing less outgoings in order to make the business profitable.


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