Flat life Assessment:

My final assignment was for sound and moving image, where we given a video titled “Flatlife” which had no audio, and it was tasked to us in groups to record the Foley and other sound effects and then dub them over the clip.

The video has 4 rooms being displayed with each of our group being assigned to 1 of them. I was assigned flat 3, which is the bottom left flat in the video which features a man watching TV and fixing things within the others flats.

I started this assignment by watch the clip, making some notes about what was happening in the flat and what sounds may be associated with each, before then condensing down the list so I knew what sort of sounds I had to acquire. Most of them I could record myself, such as a door opening and closing, hitting against a ceiling, etc which I did using a Palm Track hand held recorder.

The other sounds I had to either make myself or had to sample from elsewhere, with examples of the later being the white noise of the TV, which was used by recording a signal generator, and the music accompanying the rocket being composed to give a hopelessness and emptiness to the setting.

Sample-wise I used a fire-alarm, an explosion for the TV com-busting and hitting the truck, as well as some “simlish” dialogue from the “Sims” games to act as speech between the occupants.

All the samples I used where under creative commons, so I could them for educational purposes,(The sample sources are listed at the bottom of the page.)

It was then a case of going through the clip and finding where the sounds needed to be added. I then received my groups stereo Foley tracks to add to my own and had to balance them all out so that all the effects could be heard together. In hindsight I would of mixed my Foley louder, as when I put them all together I had to increase the volume in places so everything could be heard over some of the other flats.

I then in addition to this added music to it to make it seem more fulfilled, using the arrangement from Blur’s “Park life” as the bulk of the song, but instead slowing it down and transposing the guitar parts to a piano.

The Isolated Foley is displayed below:






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