Invoice and Pricing:

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If I was doing these recordings as a form of income, I would have to take into account multiple different factors in order to determine an price to charge for my services including:

  • Recording, either at a home studio or a rented one
  • Mixing, are they just paying you to record them or do they want a mix?
  • Sound Engineer vs Producer, are your clients asking your input on the track in question?
  • Mastering, do they want the track mastered?
  • Travel, are you going to the band or studio or are they coming to you?

with some of these in mind I looked at Absolute Music for some idea on their pricing schemes, in which a recording would cost you £30 per hour, while if you wanted the track mixed, it would cost you £80 per track.

North Road at Bournemouth and Poole College has a rate of £14 to book a studio for 5 Hours, which means that a 10 hour session would cost less than an hour at Absolute, as long as you are a student at the college.

So If I wanted a recording session of 5 hours at Absolute for then to be mixed, it would cost £150 (5x£30) + £80 = £230, while of you then wanted to get that track mastered, you would have to send it off to a mastering engineer, with Abby road studios, for a master song file being £80 and a CD master at £50. This would mean the final track would come to £310.

This then gives me a rough Idea of how much it would cost professionally to get a final outcome, So if I offered to do everything at half the price, at north road the result would be as follows:

Recording Charge: £15 Per hour

(meaning that if I booked the North Road Studio’s I would be using the first hour to cover the cost of the session, while only being able to earn a maximum of £64.)

Mixing: £40 per song,

(NOTE: I could charge by the hour, but the client won’t know how much time you took unless they were with you when they mixed it, so makes more sense to have a single fee.)

Mastering: £40 per song,

( I could also offer a deal where if they chose to have me mix and master the same track, they get a discounted price, such as 10%)

So if you look at this Invoice FMP Sound the Siren you will see that the band did two sessions with me with a total of 10 hours recording time, plus they wanted a mixed that was mastered, giving them a 10% discount to the overall cost.

However I would be receiving £179 due to me having to pay for the cost of 2, 5 hours sessions in the studios.



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