Final Major Project:

Below are the links to the various sections of my final major project, broken down into the recording and mixing of the seperate artists, followed by mastering, and then an evaluation of the project.

Also there is a link at the top of each page which will link you back to this one.


Song 1: For the Best: Drink Up

For the BestPart 1: Recording:

Part 2: Mixing:



Song 2: Sound the Siren: Get Out

sound the sirenPart 1: Recording:

Part 2 Mixing:




Song 3: Ellie and Evie: Love me like You Do (Ellie Goulding Cover)

Ellie_Goulding_-_Love_Me_Like_You_DoPart 1: Recording:

Part 2: Mixing:



Song 4: Glen and Lindsay: “Got No Pity”

10672290_795921630430215_1360791897344031873_nPart 1: Recording

Part 2: Mixing



Song 5: The Motion: Down to Dusk:

1513773_1109538649072585_5148921140570090489_nPart 1: Recording:

Part 2: Mixing



Final Tracks:

Mastering Notes:

Invoice and Pricing:



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