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Overall this project has allowed me to gain a better understanding of how a song goes from being an idea to a finished recording  as well how rewarding it can be if you see it through from start to end.

Over the course of these 5 recordings I developed my skill set  in all three areas, working with a variety of different musicians each with a different level of skill and energy. This energy was inspiring to work with, as when an artist is passionate about what they do, it becomes infectious.

I was trying new recording techniques as my knowledge of the microphones at my disposal became more in-depth, especially with frequency response and mic placement, giving me a good idea what sort of sound I am looking for and a technique to replicate it.

My mixing skills also got better, as I started to tidy up my signal flow and use bussing and my knowledge of sound to achieve certain goals, such as the guitar in “The Motions” recording, using an inverted waveform to cancel the positive one, as well as using auxiliary inputs as reverb channels.

I also learned how to master recordings, with an actual practical way of learning as opposed to just learning the theory, with it being satisfying having a selection of your own productions all sounding coherent.

It was also the first time I actually sort out a local band on my own accord: Sound the Siren,  as I felt that they were at the point where a recording would help elevate them to the next stage of their career, having something other than live shows to go on. This was by far my favourite track to record and the one I had the most impact on, as I went to their practices and fine tuned their chosen song to make it even better.

I prefered this role to the other recordings, as I was taking on roles of being an “artist and repertoire” guy, a studio engineer, as well as a producer, not just being a tape recorder.

It was also encouraging to have a local band come to me for a recording, as it made me want to live up to their expectations and record a really well written song.

Some of the weaknesses I encountered along the way was I wouldn’t spend as much time on a mix as I should of done, resulting in some ok results, but I think its noticeable which ones I spent the most time on, while others I did earlier in the year  I then came back to and realised that they didn’t sound as great as I remembered, and decided to remix those tracks.

I also realised once I had done recording sessions where I was in control, I found myself butting heads with my recording partner on the college recordings,  having disagreements over how we should record certain instruments, or having only half finished songs because he would schedule sessions and be reluctant to give me the files.

I also thing some of my sessions ended up sounding over compressed, so when It came to mastering the dynamic range got even shorter if I brought them up, or quieter if I brought them down.

One thing I learned from this experience is that practice makes perfect, and that the more mixes and recordings I did, the better I think the outcomes where.


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